When politicians and pundits were trying to understand the motivations of voters in “heartland” America in 2008 they read Joe Bageant's watershed book "Deer Hunting with Jesus.”  Joe grew up in Winchester, Virginia, then moved away and became a journalist. When he returned years later to write his book, Joe delved into the psyche of those he grew up with. A keen and aware observer, Joe is able to add clarity to the motivations of the working poor. Joe's insight and understanding of people is not limited to those who he grew up with. He joins me today to discuss not only the people of the heartland but why many people around the world seem to dislike Americans and why Americans, in our own myopic way, seem to be clueless. Joe Bageant, Author, Lecturer, and Marxist.

What is a learning disability?  Can you properly identify a learning disability? What should we do when our children seem to be behind in reading or math? Is it really a problem or is it just our imagination?  How do we get our children through the education process with their egos intact? Deborah Waber, researcher, clinical neuropsychologist joins me to discuss these issues among others and her new book, “Rethinking Learning Disabilities: Understanding Children Who Struggle in School”.

Mariel Goldberg shares about a new household member