24 Liquor Stores






The Tenderloin district of San Francisco has the heaviest concentration of children in the City. It also had 2,000 violent crimes last month. Twenty-four liquor stores are in one four-block area, alongside sex shops, drug users, and the homeless.  This is the playground for 3,500 children of the urban poor. When a new liquor store tried to get permitted, community activist Barbara Lopez energized the community and developed a broad based support against the permitting. Is this the turning point in the resurgence of the Tenderloin? Barbara Lopez joins me to update me on how the community came together. She helps me understand a world so different than the world that I live in that it could well have been the moon.  Different issues. The safety of their child is a constant fear.  Where to buy food, as there is no supermarket in the Tenderloin. Barbara Lopez stands up for this community every day. Hear about cooperation and hope in the Tenderloin.

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