Happy, Healthy Kids!






Amber Lamprecht

Learning and reading are unquestionably tied together.  No doubt someone can learn without knowing how to read but it makes the acquisition of information a lot harder. Amber Lamprecht specializes in teaching different types of learners how to read. One of of techniques she uses is multi-sensory learning.  We discuss this as well as how the 20 percent of our population that are dyslectic-thinkers need to be trained to use their talents to learn to read. We also focus on the effects on children when we delay addressing the issues around learning to read until later grades. Amber shares with us what parents should look for as signs that their child may need additional help in learning to read. Amber Lamprecht- it’s not as simple as ABC.

Ellie Goldberg

If your child has allergies, it is important to have the child’s school engaged as a good- health partner.  When starting a new school, the time to get acquainted with the school is the springtime before.  Ellie Goldberg shares with us in a Senior Dad Brief that lasts 10 minutes 50 seconds. “How to prepare for a new school year for a child with allergies.”

Mel Levine on bringing up minds.org

Stan and a reporter give a crop report.