Mel Levine on Individual Education plan for all.

The Sustainable Chef

Throughout his life Bryant Terry has tried many different diet plans.  As a Chef he has explored cuisine from varied corners of the United States.  Nationally known, he has participated in sustainable garden projects on both coasts and he has appeared in a featured article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. Now a Berkeley resident, he has spoken at Alice Water’s and Ann Cooper’s school food project.

In this conversation we chat about his new book “The Vegan Soul Kitchen” as well as his cooking roots, growing organic produce at home, school food, sustainable gardening, buying local food from farmers markets and what spices to use to enliven a meal.

Teaching children language skills is always a challenge. Children all learn on their own time table. has devised methods that use the elements and techniques of theater to engage both the learner and the instructor.  We meet Elana Lagerquist, Founder and Executive Director, to learn how the program works and hear some antidotal evidence of the methods effect with instructors and at-risk students. Elana Lagerquist--Drama queens welcome.

Stan contributes to the education gap.