Should All Information Be Secret?






What if all your family’s medical history could not be accessed? Not for you parents, nor your grand parents.  It would definitely make it difficult to figure out to which illnesses your child is susceptible. Unfortunately, this is what has happened to medical research and illness data in this country.  Derva Davis, author of “The Secret History of the War on Cancer”, and is the Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, talks with Senior Dad Stan Goldberg about the negative effects of censoring and withholding information by our Federal Government.  She describes the very real risks we face as we follow this dangerous policy.  Are fear, intimidation, and donor profits now the main driver of government funding?  How can we change the course?  Derva Davis- A voice of courage.

Every parent wants to have a happy child.  Some are born happy and some are not and that’s that.  Maybe not.  Christine Carter, Director of the Greater Good Science Center at University of California at Berkley, shares techniques that you can use to make your child happier.  A child’s feelings of happiness can be adjusted as much as 40%. Senior Dad Stan Goldberg chats with her about happiness habits, the happiness set point, learning how to correct a child’s mistakes without damaging the child, how to raise emotionally literate children, and benefits from altruism.

Christine Carter- Teaching your child happy ways.

Stan visits Mc Donald’s