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Do school districts lie to parents of extra needs children? Joann Collins thinks so.  An extra needs advocate for over 15 years and a mother of two grown children with extra needs she has written a book about it. "Disability Deception:  Lies Disability Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game". JoAnn Talks to Senior Dad Stan Goldberg about the book and how parents can be effective when working with schools and school districts.  They talk about the shocking Autism numbers in the San Francisco schools where 1 in 48 Caucasian children are diagnosed with autism. JoAnn’s view of the current extra needs landscape will open your eyes.  Warning to parents of typical children: you will be shocked to hear what your school district (country-wide) is doing in this emerging civil rights issue.

There was a time that Robyn O’Brien never gave a thought to what she or her family ate.  One day at breakfast, her fourth child ate a scrambled egg, turned red, started looking like a blown up balloon, and changed Robyn’s view of allergies and nutrition forever. Nutrition education became a basic of Robyn’s family. As Robyn learned more about how food is produced, she was alarmed by all the dangers we are never told about. She shares what she has learned in a conversation with Senior Dad Stan Goldberg, as they talk about what to feed your family, the links from genetically engineered milk hormones to breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and ovarian cancer. They talk about government penalties to organic growers, and about school lunches. Robyn O’Brien, “The Mighty Nutritionist”

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