Cutting Edge






Sir Ken Robinson is one of the foremost critical thinkers in the world today in the fields of creativity, ingenuity, and education.  He is to those fields what Stephen Hawking is to physics. We learn Sir Ken’s views on the best direction for education to change, including No Child Left Behind, Inclusion, ADHD, education and the arts, education for the workplace and equality in schools.

Sir Ken has sampled first hand different types of educational methods.  He was born into a modest income family in Liverpool, the fifth of seven children. He contracted Polio when he was four and was sent to a school for disabled children. Later, he was included in a regular school, went on to university, and then on to an outstanding career in education.  We learn how his background shaped his ideas and provided the foundation for his insightful understanding of education and creativity today.

Marcella Pixley was bullied when she was a girl in middle school.  She had a different developmental clock than the other girls her age, which exposed her to taunting.  As an adult Marcella teaches middle school and sees how much has changed and how much has remained the same. She views daily how preteens relate to each other.  Marcella wrote a hard hitting, truthful gritty novel about her experiences called “Freak” to help young girls and parents understand this difficult growth stage.  We talk with her about the book, how she writes and the effect writing the book had on her. She also shares her hopes about the effect of the book will have on parents and young people.

Stan tells of the slinky tale