Mercury, not only used for temperature







David Alexander went to Public School 152 in Brooklyn New York.  He later became a physician, ran two hospitals, and most recently has been appointed CEO of one of the most prestigious children’s health foundations in the nation, The Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health.  David has learned from the journey and shares with us his vision for the future, and where he would like to lead the Foundation. A helping hand for children’s health

Alison Davis and her husband have 3 boys with Autism. In the eight years since the first child was diagnosed her family has grown stronger.  Alison believes that the mercury that was used as a preservative in inoculations she received before and during her pregnancies has a relationship to her children's autism. Alison has learned how to be an effective advocate for her boys.   She spends a large amount of time looking for new ways to help her boys.  She shares her knowledge with many people through email and continues to speak out for action against this raging epidemic.  Alison Davis a voice from the front lines.

Grandma has help