A Gentle Way to Teach






The environment that a child learns in can determine outcome.  At school how we treat the child not only effects how the child learns but also teaches the child how to treat others. If a teacher uses power, force or abuse to teach, that is what a child will learn. The Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City MI uses none of these. It is a Bill Glasser inspired school and it uses "a gentle way to teach". Kaye Mentley the superintendent of the school district tells us how they do it

What is safe for children’s skin has changed over the years.  New information and safety precautions come out all the time. Is there such a thing as a good tanning salon? How do I protect my child at day camp? Just how much protection does my child need? Does diet control skin blemishes.  Does sun block keep out the vitamin D my child needs?  Should I allow my child to tan to hide blemishes before a big date?  

Wow, a lot to learn. Dr. David MacGregor San Francisco Dermatologist brings us up to speed on the latest news on the skin care front. He answers all the questions above and more in “Make my children safe from the sun”

A large number of African American students in the San Francisco Unified School District are behind academically.  This week I attended the SF Public Defender’s Juvenile Justice summit. The summit made it clear how these youths view SFUSD. Bennie Wright did not attend the conference.  Her four children (three adopted) have never been involved in the Juvenile Justice system.  Bennie is a native San Franciscan. She went to the public schools here and is a college graduate. She is involved in her community and shares with us her views of the school system and how well we are serving the African American community.  This is part one of a multi part view.

Stan gets pinned down