School Nurse Speaks Out






Marie Hoemke was a school nurse for almost 40 years. She tells us what the Health Department was like 40 years ago and how it changed and why. Candid, unabridged and straight from her heart. Part 1

Michael Klonsky is a small school advocate. He has worked for the University of Illinois, Chicago for years and took part in the small school studies of the 1990's.  In this first part of a two part conversation Mike tells us about small schools and why they were started.

Bill Glasser is a psychiatrist who developed Choice theory he also has a position on redefining mental health. There are 12 schools in the country designated as Glasser Schools which means they teach the Choice theory as part of their curriculum.  Bill is truly one of the great creative thinkers of our time and in this second part of our multi-part conversation with Bill we learn about what Bill thinks we should teach in schools.

Stan learns "No, mountain too high".