Checking in with Florida






We hear from new Sr Dad Bob Brockob (64), his wait is over and he speaks with us as he holds his new son Max.

Up and coming children's book author Connie Lee Berry chats with us about volunteering in schools and why she choose to switch from public schools in Florida and go private 

Raising children takes a lot of work on the parents part.  A welcoming school or school district can make all the difference. Katy Franklin, San Francisco mother of an autistic child gets a reception she doesn't expect.

Stan shares a counting lesson.

In our Briefing Room 

Jake Vigdor is Associate Professor of Public Policy Studies and Economics of the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy of Duke University. Their latest study looks to see if K-6 is better than K-5 for children.  The Duke research has a chart that shows a significant improvement in behavior in the K-6 environment vs. the K-5 and that that behavior change carries forward for several years.  It also mentions that the students were behind in scores and caught up during the sixth grade in K-6, although that finding needs more thought.  There is also the factor that if you configure schools K-6, 7-9, 10-12 the ninth graders would have a more immature social structure and possibly reduce some of the issues connected with being a ninth grader in a high school.