Open the Gate






Briefing Room- Heather McCracken created Friend 2 Friend Social Network. It is a place for children with and without autism can play together as equals.  Heather saw a need, acted and has helped thousands

First Person- John C Dvorak is a leading Tech reporter, editor, writer, media star ,blogger ( and has been a curmudgeon for years. John shares his views with us about parenting.  John tells us how he home schools his daughter.  

Middle School- Gayle Andrews is a middle school expert. This week Gayle tells us what to look for in a middle school and what not to do with the brightest kids.

In our Briefing Room 

Jake Vigdor of Duke University tells us the differences between the sixth grade in a K-5 school and a K-6 school. Is there a difference?

Jo Debolt tells us how a school district improved it's scores without spending a ton of money.

Stan posts a audible children's story download for young children (5-7) on the Briefing Room page for download.