The Queen of Bipolar






Healthy Schools- Pamela Wolfberg forward thinking educator lets us see her vision of future education and how we plan for the rising rate of Autism in "We are all included" part 1.  

Briefing Room- Eric Mar is a father, husband, full time educator, activist and incidentally a member of the school board of San Francisco Unified School District. What motivates a man to take such a thankless job. Is it a stepping stone or is there something deeper? This week part 2 of a three part series, learning "what makes Eric tick".  We learn his feelings on all the major issues facing us now and for some time in the future. Some of what he says may upset you. 

Healthy Mind- The Queen of Bipolar Rosalie Greenberg, the zany outspoken author of the new book "Bipolar Kids" says what she thinks about giving kids medications that have not been tested on kids.

Stan tells of the moment of truth.