Trans-fat Slayer






Nutrition- Steve Joseph started a war against Trans fat. He went up against the largest food companies in this country and won! He was instrumental in getting the Federal Government to require all food manufacturers to list Trans Fats on their product labels. Hear his story. 

Healthy Schools- Barry Blesser is a retired MIT professor. He is creative, innovative and one of the creators of digital sound in computers. Barry now directs his energy towards teaching parents how to save their children's hearing while there is still time.  Hear the always interesting Barry Blesser.

Healthy Mind- Ellen Notbohm has a child with Autism. Today 1 in 150 children have been diagnosed with Autism. Hear what she did to help her child and how the family became closer and how her son is doing at 13.

Ellie Goldberg gives us a quick tip 


Stan tells of a supermarket dictator.