Denise Pope, Stanford Professor and Author of "Doing School" starts a two part interview with a story of over programmed and misdirected kids striving to become robots in an leave no prisoner environment. This far reaching two part series covers homework, parenting, playtime and parental stress and needs for the future.

We are testing a new homework survey.  This survey can be used by a school or PTA as a barometer to gauge  the status of homework issues at the school.  We can adjust the survey to enable a school or PTA to receive their data separate from the total data.  To get a special survey send Stan an email at . To download a standard survey click the yellow box on the left to get the PDF file.

Sara a sophomore in High School dates the wrong boy. Her world is spun around and she almost dies. Hear her story of "dating the boy down the street"

" The quality of education a child with a disability receives is directly related to the advocacy skills of the parent".  Says Pat Howey a parent whose child's illness turned her into an advocate for children with extra needs. Pat tells us how to be an advocate in the last part of a three part series.

Stan tells us he wishes he had three hands.