Should Parents Brainstorm?






Mary McFarland, Oakland California Psychotherapist discusses the need for 'Parent Brainstorming" sessions at public schools and how this will help develop "community linkage". She also talks about students and alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and diabetes.

" The quality of education a child with a disability receives is directly related to the advocacy skills of the parent".  Says Pat Howey a parent whose child's illness turned her into an advocate for children with extra needs. Pat tells us how to be an advocate in part 2 of 3.

The San Francisco Unified School District is improving because of increased parent involvement. Dana Woldow (a 20-40 hour @ week volunteer) committee co-chair of the student nutrition and physical activity committee wanted to feed more disadvantaged kids breakfast. Hear how far they have gotten and the adjustments they made along the way.

Stan tells us of friends lost.