It's not black or white






This week we start to look at one of the most complex issues that face all who seek equality in education, the achievement gap.  Why do some students start kindergarten behind and why do others fall behind as they go from grade to grade? Is it race? Is it poor schools? Is it bad teachers? Dr.Todd Risley, the noted researcher gives us some surprising answers that if we act on can alter school performance with low cost within a few years.

Ellie Goldberg our Healthy Schools consultant returns for another chat about what we can do about healthy schools and  Ellie alerts us to the danger signals and warns us what we can do about them. Ellie specializes in educational planning for children with chronic health issues.

The memories we have during the holidays can start with parents giving of themselves to their children, Stan remembers gifts he received. Stan also rants on newspapers like the NYT slanting the view of charter schools. 

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