Safer Schools






How do we make our schools safer?  Date rape, controlling the movements of boyfriends or girlfriends, bulling and name calling, are a few things that make schools difficult.  Not only people treating other people incorrectly, but also the actual buildings we send our children to school in could be causing health problems.  This week we interview Paul Kivel the author of “I can make my world a safer place”.

We also start hearing from people involved with preschool education to learn what they are teaching preschoolers today while being guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia.  This week we interview Pam Schneider the Early Childhood Education Director of the JCC San Francisco who operate three Reggio Emilia preschool and Cathy Green Executive Director of the Kumara School in Mill Valley California.

We also share the end of soccer season and respects for parents but a gripe about schools being shortchanged