Updating Education






There is a lot of controversy today about how we teach and manage our schools. Competing forces are pressing their agendas on teacher seniority, evaluating teacher performance utilizing test scores and assessing, assessing, assessing. New twists to the old all lockstep teaching model “the factory system” called common core standards are being pressed upon the public as the ideal way to teach. Are these new ways to teach or just a new method to leech money out of the public trough into private hands? Renée Dinnerstein has been a teacher for many years and is now a consultant. She specializes in teaching children in the early grades. She is a leading spokesperson for learner motivated content-based teaching methods and is one of the founders of a teacher committee that is providing feedback and requests for reevaluation of the new core standards for the New York City public schools. She joins Senior Dad Stan Goldberg to discuss some ways that have worked in educating young children. They also discuss some of the pressing educational issues of the day such as charter schools, teacher evaluations, testing, student evaluations and a look to the future. Renée Dinnerstein a positive voice for educational change.