Homework Wars San Marino





In the well-behaved community of San Marino California where 60-70% of the students have after-school tutors, there is discontent brewing. Although the school district boasts the highest API scores in the state, there are rumblings that the high school students are not getting into the best colleges that their scores would indicate. A relentless regime of homework has stripped away family time and enrichment. Tracy Mason is upset about the effect that homework is having on her daughter. Tracy made an in-depth analysis of all the available studies about homework and was startled to find that homework does not increase learning as it chips away at parental rights. She has embarked on a project to change her school district’s homework policy. At her first meeting over 60 parents attended. This is a school district that many families have cultural traditions that value vast amounts of homework. She already has been threatened and verbally attacked for speaking out in this typically quiet community. Tracy and the other parents who seek change will not cower as they show their children how to stand up for their parental rights. Part one of a long journey.