The Battle for public education










How do you get across to the President of the United States that the education policy he is embracing will destroy public education? How do you make a president who panders to the wealthy understand that the push for education privatization is nothing more than an attempt to suck money out of the public coffers and will not benefit children? There is a movement in our country to commercialize education. In Seattle there is hotbed of testing and privatizations where Dora Taylor is fighting Bill Gates and Eli Broad. Dora is the founder of Seattle Education 2010 and one of the organizers of the recent Save Our Schools march to Washington DC. An active member of Parents for Public Schools (CPPS) and founder of parents across America (PAA) Seattle, Dora joins Senior Dad Stan Goldberg to share what is happening in the battle for Seattle, current events, and how she views the future. Dora Taylor- Two Billionaires and a Mom.